Cheap Eats: Mi Pueblo

Sarah McMaster

Looking for a restaurant with authentic Mexican food and a relaxed atmosphere, or even just a place to grab take-out from? Mi Pueblo provides all of the above, while also being affordable to many. Though it is not the fanciest eatery, the restaurant plays on that by describing themselves as a “Petite Mexican restaurant providing traditional eats in an unassuming environment” on their google page. Though, this establishment may not be up to par with all people’s tastes location and decor-wise.

The first thing I noticed when arriving to the location was that it was rather hard to find. The door had been covered with a black door and seemingly, the restaurant appeared as if it had been closed. In addition, it is located down a rather “sketchy” alleyway that most people might not be too keen on. After taking a seat inside, I noticed that it was a rather small eatery as well, and that it might be the type of restaurant to provide more take-out than sit-down meals.

From the menu, I ordered the “Alambre Taco” for $3.25, while my mom ordered the “Shrimp Taco” for $8. This meal also came with an appetizer of chips and a warm salsa for free. In addition, drinks were served from the freezer and we both ordered a bottle of Coke.

The “Alambre Taco” contains grilled steak with bacon and poblano peppers. All tacos came in soft shelled corn tortillas. My meal was topped off with Oaxaca cheese, cilantro, and diced onions, including a piece of lime on the side. The flavors were vibrant and the lime was an amazing finishing touch and zest to the steak.

On my mom’s side of the table, the “Shrimp Taco” contained baby shrimp, coleslaw topping, and chipotle aioli sauce, all served in the same type of warm corn tortilla shell. With the chipotle aioli sauce, this taco was significantly spicier than the “Alambre Taco”.

Still, this restaurant is not restricted to tacos if that does not match your taste. The eatery also provides burritos, sandwiches, quesadillas, an array of appetizers and deserts, and even a kids menu. Although, I do recommend that those who visit check out the menu online first, as there is only one small menu at the cashier stand and it can take some time to pick a dish.

Based solely off my experience, I learned that this eatery has a semi-large teenage customer base, being a decent and affordable place for the students of BHS to visit with their friends. You can find “Mi Pueblo” at 459 Main Street, Hyannis, open everyday from 11AM-8PM (11-6 on Sunday).

Grade: C