Jamie Lawton: BHS Yogi

Sarah Skinner

A yoga studio is a place with dim lighting, candles, and calming music. For junior Jamie Lawton, being in this atmosphere is her job. Lawton rents out a studio on Thursday nights, teaching yoga classes at Osterville Pilates.

Lawton started dancing when she was three years old, which was a segway into her future career. She was then introduced to yoga by her brother in law’s mom, Diane Kovanda, who teaches Kind Yoga; a yoga teacher training program.

“The endless amount of benefits that come from practicing yoga is what draws me into it. The fact that I know it’s bettering my mind body and spirit is what makes me want to do it everyday,” said Lawton, adding “With all the stresses from school and balancing things I need to do at home, I can use yoga to help get myself back in check,”

Lawton decided to take the class and do 200 hours of training with Kovanda to get certified. She started her training September, 2018 and graduated in February of 2019.

Lawton trained every Tuesday night and every other weekend, adding that the training program was a lot of hard work. She graduated with a certification in Kripalu yoga and Hatha yoga, and describes her work as “calm power yoga”.

“It’s a good balance between calm and power,” said Lawton, stating that at some points her class gets intense and then slows back down again.

Once she earned her yoga training certification, Lawton first taught little kids from ages six to 10. Now, she teaches ages 15 and up.

“Some nights when I don’t feel like teaching and talking in front of a bunch of people, It brings me in a better mood as soon as I start teaching. The energy the students give off, I love it,” said Lawton.

Jamie keeps her studio dimly lit. She turns on battery-powered candles and plays calming music in the background. If you wish to join one of Jamie’s classes, she teaches every Thursday at Osterville Pilates from 6:30 to 7:40 p.m. Mats are provided at the studio, but bringing a blanket for savasana, the final pose in most forms of yoga, is encouraged. There is a fee of $10 per person for her class.

“I hope to get more teenagers interested in yoga just to become more mindful. It will help us destress and get more connected to the present, and less connected to technology.” said Lawton

When Lawton is older, she wants to do something with social work or psychology, but hopes to bring yoga into her work and try to incorporate it someway.

In February of 2020, Lawton is hosting a yoga workshop with painting at Centerville Yoga & Wellness Center. The workshop plans on being two hours, and further details have not been revealed yet. Lawton is excited to have gotten a spot in this event because it is not easy to get in.