Houses to Hubs

Sarah Skinner

There have been  several changes in the past few years at Barnstable High School. The schedule, library renovations, and adding new safety precautions have been apart of transforming BHS. Last Spring, the need for change was on the school councils mind. As of this school year, house offices were replaced by hub offices with deans.

Barnstable High went from five House Masters to three Hub Deans. The three deans are Hope Taylor, Melisa Peters, and Robert Donehey. The reorganization happened to more clearly divide up administrative responsibilities. House Masters had so many job responsibilities that they found they had less time spent dealing directly with the students, said Principal Patrick Clark.

The administration was separated into three branches. The three deans deal with student discipline. Associate Principal of Operations, Steve Kaser, deals with facility issues, and Associate Principal of Student Support, Joel Villegas, oversees school counselors. Mr. Pyy is now the Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Eric Curry, who was the house master of House A, is no longer at BHS. He is now the Assistant Principal at Hyannis West Elementary School.

Despite such large changes, the goal was to affect students’ high school experience as little as possible; therefore, most students were able to stay with their guidance counselor, said Hub 5 Dean Hope Taylor. Senior Kennedy Hunter was able to stay with her counselor throughout this change.

“I’m happy I was able to stay with my counselor. I feel a lot more confident going through the college process,” said Hunter

Previous House Masters towards the end of summer had to apply and interview for their new roles.  They had the option to apply for all three positions. Taylor gained roughly another 300 students, but her other responsibilities were reduced. Her main job now is focusing on student attendance, behavior, and achievement. She is working with Peters and Donehey in order to maintain discipline. She is still adjusting to the change, but enjoys her new role because she is able to still work with her students.

“I couldn’t have a job that I’m not dealing with students,” said Taylor, adding, “the students bring me to work every day.”

Donehey is the dean of Hub 1, Peters is the dean of Hub 3, and Taylor the dean of Hub 5.

Senior Lily Tordone, who has undergone all of the changes BHS has made in the past five years, said, “Out of all the changes that have been made while I’ve been here, splitting up the responsibility seems like the best for the students,” adding, “This is the most reasonable.”