Sam Pereira and Kyle McMullin

Sam Pereira surprised Kyle McMullin right before his Opening session candidate speech during the parade of chapters in front of 4 thousand people! Kyle was told to go on stage to help by Mr Jansen and he got to the stage just in time and couldn’t believe how much applause was generated by the audience. Kyle found out that Sam was Prom-posing! Kyle said “YES” as Barnstable DECA’s Co-presidents, Emma Barrett and Dylan Jones were with her supporting the two with a huge banner saying “Kyle, Make me smile, Prom?” Sam truly took a lot of time and thought into surprising Kyle and once he found out, he was motivated to give his speech, meet a ton of new people, and help spread the word “I’ll make it worth your while, vote for KYLE!” Sam sure made it worth his while and Kyle couldn’t thank her enough.