HYCC Has What You Need

Payton Geraghty, Staff Writer

The Hyannis Youth and Community Center located right on Bassett Lane in the center of Hyannis provides young community members with many opportunities to get involved and connected through many recreational activities. This large building contains two ice skating rinks, a gym, a gameroom and a walking track. The building was originally one large skating rink without any of these new attachments. This facility holds many programs and events for members of the Barnstable community and BHS.

            Laura Kelliher, program and rink supervisor, said her position consists of “scheduling walk-on figure skating, hockey practices and games and the learn to skate programs.”

According to Kelliher, “There are two varsity and two jv teams the rink hosts, there is opportunities for high school kids to work and or volunteer in the Learn to Skate program.”

Kelliher also said the HYCC benefits the community as a whole. “The donation Christmas tree this year had tripled the amount of gifts in years past, and the after school program for grades four through seven brought many kids of all ages together and the whole community really rallies around us.”

Activities available for high school students are “rock night,”  the free Learn to Skate show, and the Learn to Skate programs. Jobs available for high school students include public skate guards and hockey checks.

Public skate the rate for students is $5.  For Anyone involved in figure skating or practicing hockey, the cost for practicing these activities is $20.

    Sophomore Sarah Schoote who is a BHS JV girls hockey player learned how to skate at the HYCC. Schoote said, “The HYCC gives kids a chance to try different sports, and gives them opportunities rather than staying at home all day. It also gives them a place to hang out with their friends.”

Schoote is thankful to the HYCC for providing the hockey teams with a place to play and place for kids to learn how to play hockey and skate.

      From the perspective of a spectator, junior Ted Ells is also spends lots of time at the HYCC. Ells watches BHS girls and boys hockey games in both rinks at the HYCC.

“I believe the HYCC benefits the community because its not only barnstable residents using it, surrounding areas use it as well,” said Ells. He also said “It benefits BHS students by allowing them into hockey games free with an ID and provides places for students to play hockey.”

            Employee Riley Kussmaul has been working at the HYCC for two years. Kussmaul is a gym and rink supervisor, after school program counselor and DJ for high school hockey games. Kussmaul said “The HYCC provides a lot of positivity for the community and positive opportunities to get involved, especially athletically. It also supports those in need and brings joy to the community,” Kussmaul said.     

Spending time at the HYCC helps students feel a sense of community and connection. This facility holds our high school’s large student section, allows a place for students to play basketball or public skate. The HYCC helps the Barnstable community stay active and has many programs and activities to help members of the community create relationships with one another.