What Do Your Dreams Mean?

Kayla Jorgenson, Staff Writer

Dreams are the subject of great debate amongst dream experts, sleep researchers and doctors, but have you ever had a weird or crazy dream that you couldn’t explain?

Here are some of the most common dreams many people experience while they sleep.

Flying Dreams

“I was in complete control so I chose to fly out a school window,” said junior Ali Kearney.

According to Jeffrey Sumber, a psychotherapist and author in Chicago, flying dreams, with or without wings, airplanes, and other aircraft, often indicate an overall sense of accomplishment, freedom, and sense of power. Conversely, any problems encountered while flying indicate struggles to stay on course.

Falling Dreams

“Every once in a blue moon I’ve had a falling dream and it feels like it never ends, which is really terrifying,” said senior Destany Foley.

Cathleen O’Connor, Ph.D., author of “The Everything Law of Attraction Dream Dictionary,” notes that falling dreams often signify imbalance, insecurity, anxiety, inferiority, and/or the feeling that a situation in your life is out of control. Contrary to popular belief, hitting the ground during a falling dream will not kill the dreamer.

Test Dream

“I have flashback nightmares from the time I was sick with the flu for two days, and my teacher still made me take a test,” said junior Sofia Hailu.

Test dreams indicate a sense of anxiety, fear of scrutiny, or agitation stemming from a perplexing experience in your waking life. Jeffrey Sumber states that most test dreams indicate self-esteem issues and an overall lack of confidence depending upon the activities in your sleeping state. If you dream you fail a test, arrive late for a test, or something gets in your way of taking the test, it often translates that in your waking world you may not be living up to your own expectations of yourself.

Chase Dreams

“I had a reoccurring dream of the Jim Carrey version of the Grinch chasing me and then hiding in my closet,” said senior Abby Ojala.

Chase dreams are based in the “fight or flight” instinct. Often they stem from anxiety, fear of physical threat, or stressful situations based in your wakeful life. According to Richard Nicoletti, J.D., a psychotherapist trained at the Jung Institute in Boston, the actions in your dream and how you respond often parallel your response to difficulties encountered when you are awake.

Trapped Dream

“I had a dream I was trapped in the school and all the zombies from The Walking Dead were trying to eat me,” said senior Deanna Flood.

To dream you are lost or trapped often signifies feelings of restraint, imposition, restriction, and confinement in your career, personal relationships, or because of health issues, according to Michele Knight; a psychic known for giving readings through dreams. These dreams are often a good indicators to let go of your past and determine what is hindering your growth in your waking life. These dreams often stems from loss, fear, indecision, and/or unresolved issues from your past.