Positive Teachers Affect Students in a Positive Way

Rebecca Brady, Staff Writer

High School can be a very stressful time for students. Between tests, quizzes, essays and more; school can become very overwhelming. Due to this, students are always looking for easy ways to subside some of this stress. Though, should this be solely up to the students? Or, should helping students through the use of positivity and encouragement fall under one of the many duties of being a teacher?
Greg Hill is a chemistry teacher whom is currently in his seventh year of teaching at Barnstable High School. Chemistry is known to be a very hard subject in high school, and one that many students struggle with. Although, Hill tries to reinforce positivity in the classroom and keep everyone’s energies at a steady level through the difficult course.
“The best teachers I had were extremely positive, and I try to model that myself,” said Hill.
As well as being a positive teacher and role model, Hill also incorporates things such as “chem puns”, games, and incentives in order to boost morale and help students get excited to learn.
“Before a test or a quiz, I like to tell students ‘do your best and forget the rest’, offer words of wisdom, and do review games. I also encourage students to ask questions and always offer extra help”, said Greg Hill.
While these things may seem small, they truly encourage students and help them keep the desire of continuing to learn during tough times in school.
“Chem crate ball [a game played within the classroom] always helps me so much before every big test or quiz we have. It makes memorization easier and more fun to do,” stated Junior Sarah Carlozzi.
“He [Greg Hill] is a very good teacher and encourages me to ‘chem is try’ in chemistry”, also stated Junior Lilly Davidson.
Another teacher that believes that positive teachers have a beneficial effect on students is Kevin Hill, a Psychology teacher at Barnstable High School as well.
“I think happiness is contagious, like a smile. I think [teachers’ moods] certainly affects students. I think it is our job as teachers to be positive and encouraging,” said Kevin Hill, who also added “Teaching is like acting or putting on a play, you cannot bring your baggage up with you on stage.”