Cheap Eats: Daily Paper Stacks Savings

Bridget Botelho, Staff Writer

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Money doesn’t grow on trees. But hearty food does at the Daily Paper located on 644 West Main St., Hyannis. Within close proximity to Barnstable High School, serving breakfast and lunch at reasonable prices, it makes sense for it to be a local hotspot for students.
In the past, I’ve had the pleasure of dining at the Daily Paper with friends after a half day at BHS, and my most recent visit with my father was just as delicious. My breakfast was a large, scrumptious plate of honey wheat pancakes topped with fresh berries and powdered sugar. This can be found, surprisingly enough, in the Healthy Choices section of the menu towards the bottom. My father’s meal, was a towering 3-egg omelette, stuffed with vegetables alongside two slices of wheat toast and a side of home fries. These filling and nutritious meals, in addition to our drinks totalled at $26.16. For a kid with only savings from my summer job, I didn’t mind picking up the bill.
The Daily Paper provides a popular “Early Bird Special” where several different choices from the menu like eggs benedict, oatmeal, shortstacks and more are offered at the same price of $4.95 from 6 to 8 a.m., Monday through Friday.
Price is important at any restaurant but what I find to be crucial to make a customer return is the service. If I’m going to be a customer at any establishment, I’d like to get the bang for my buck. That means the food and service.
The Daily Paper staff are constantly circulating, looking for a cup of coffee to refill, suggesting another napkin or condominet. Sides can be confusing and difficult to find in time for placing your order. My waitress was kind enough to list them before I even had to ask. They were patient with my “extra berries” request and ready at the glance of an eye.
I can’t say I’ve had many problems with the Daily Paper at either of their establishments on Main St. and West Main St. The wait is usually never a problem, (if there is one), but it is important to consider what time you arrive. I know that when it’s the first thing in the morning and the sun is just starting to warm the earth up, I must have food. It’s a necessity to a good start.
Owned by married couple Samantha and Aaron Webb, they focus on the details. For example, they receive their fish and produce only from local providers, in addition to their Cape famous coffee from The Beanstock Roasters of Wellfleet.
I truly cannot think of a better place to eat breakfast or lunch on Cape Cod than at the Daily Paper. Their delicious foods, friendly staff and very affordable meal prices make it an popular establishment to all walks of life on the Cape. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There’s no other place I’d rather go to get my day off to a running start.