Last Minute Gift Guide

Caroline Oakley, Staff Writer

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Are you down to the wire getting gifts for your family, and have no idea what to get them this holiday season, or haven’t done so well saving your money, and need to find a gift that your friend will love? Here are some gift ideas that won’t break the bank, but will make you the best secret santa at the party.
Make a basket for an at home spa day. Fill the basket with all of your friend’s favorites, such as their favorite scented candle, face mask, bath bomb, and nail polish. This is a quick and easy gift that is also fun to put together. These gift basket ideas are easy to customize to your friend’s own taste, so personalize the basket, and make it something your friend will enjoy. You don’t have to make a spa basket. Try making a movie, sports or video game basket. The possibilities are endless, and will leave your friend smiling.
If you are thinking of something even more affordable, print out your favorite picture of the two of you and frame it. This is a thoughtful gift that will make them think of you every time they see it.

Do you have picky siblings that never like the gifts you purchase for them? Leave them loving their presents this year with these easy and affordable gift ideas.
Drive to the local Paper Store, a place where you can find tons of gift ideas and good deals. Get your sister a C.C. Hat to help keep her warm through the winter, or help her bundle up during power outages with a new cozy blanket.
Is your brother the hardest one to please in the house? Go to your brother’s favorite store and get him a new article of clothing that he is in need of. There is no way he will be mad at a gift like that.

Everyone wants to get their parents the perfect gift at the end of the year for saying thank you for all of the things they have done the last 12 months. But what is that perfect gift? Well there is no such thing as perfect, but these ideas are pretty close.
Give your parents a night for themselves. Get them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, and let them have the peace and quiet that they deserve. To go with their well deserved date night make sure your dad looks as handsome as ever with a new tie, and give your mom a nice piece of jewelry to complete her look.
The most important thing about shopping for gifts is to remember that the price tag isn’t what makes a gift special, it’s the thought, and showing the ones you love how much you appreciate all they do for you.