Dirty Stable, Dirty Stalls

Skylar Bowman, Staff Writer

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Bathrooms at Barnstable High School have been undergoing recent criticism from students, but new changes are currently underway.
When walking into a school bathroom at BHS, it’s not uncommon to see paper towels strewn across the floor and puddles scattered around your feet. But according to custodian Tim Pillsbury, conditions have become slightly worse.
Pillsbury noted that since the publication of Insight’s last story on the bathrooms, which criticized their conditions and encouraged students to pick up after themselves, the bathrooms have actually become vandalized more.
According to Pillsbury and custodian John Walsh, recent destruction includes paper towel and toilet paper dispensers being busted off, trash cans being dumped out onto the floor or stuffed into toilets to clog them, writing about juuling on stall walls and physical juuls left on the floor, and bathrooms being toilet papered.
“It’s your bathrooms, we’re just trying to keep them clean.”
Pat Clark, principal of Barnstable High School, commented that the dispensers have fallen off accidentally when backpacks and bags were placed on top of them.
Clark also stated that leaking water can become worse when students do things such as flush toilets with their feet; this extra pressure messes with the water flow. Water flooding for now will be a “constant maintenance,” said Clark.
Even with these recent events, students will be granted with new exciting features added to the bathrooms in the near future.
These “creature comforts” include new shatterproof mirrors and new paint, said Clark.
These additions will be added to the bathrooms sometime after the completion of the library, said Pillsbury.