Wait, What Block Is It?

Maeve Bedenkop, Staff Writer

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For the second time since the end of last year, the class schedule at Barnstable High School has changed. The initial schedule violated the BTA contract concerning teacher’s allotted amount of prep time, and that, along with complaints regarding the five minute passing time prompted the schedule to be modified again in November.
The revised schedule added a minute to passing time returning it to the previous six minutes, but with the addition of a seventh class, teachers and students are losing 10-12 minutes of class time compared to last year.
“I am having a hard time getting used to it,” said math teacher Julie Lariviere, who is also a member of the Schedule Review Committee, which began meeting earlier this month
Among the adjustments Lariviere said she is still getting used to is the absence of a daily TGA and having two classes after lunch.
Students for the most part, like the changes. “It was confusing at first but timing is better, it’s better,” said junior Rebecca Dalton. “Passing time is a little better,” said Joey Higginbotham.
English teacher Christy Sally said, “I think the new schedule exacerbated the problem with not having enough contact time losing 10-12 minutes.”
Sally’s chief concern is how teachers can achieve the same results including mastery of skills and scores on AP and MCAS tests with less time. “I can’t just teach the skills and not provide the time [to practice them],” said Salley. “I don’t think we are meeting all the needs of students with fifty minute classes.”
Senior Colby Phillips concurs saying, “I like the adjustments but I feel rushed by AP teachers.”