10 Questions with Hogan Corona

Brenna Anderson, Staff Writer

1. Q- “What would your SoundCloud rapper name be?”
A- “Yung Flow- make sure you spell that with a ‘u’- That’s hood.”

2. Q- “If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?”
A- “Cereal. Definitely Cereal. I love all cereal. If i had to choose one kind- oh that’s tough- I guess Fruity Pebbles because you can eat them at every meal and it wouldn’t taste weird.”

3. Q- “What three words would you use to describe yourself?”
A- “Stud, swag, ‘shmoney’.”

4. Q- “Who is your celebrity idol and why?”
A- “Travis Scott, I like his style.”

5. Q- “If you could make anything pocket-sized what would it be?”
A- “A puppy, I like the idea of that. His head wouldn’t be in the pocket though because he would suffocate.”

6. Q- “If you were a salad dressing, which one would you be?”
A- “Ranch, it’s the only one I like.”

7. Q- “If you could rename BHS, what would you name it?”
A- “Dumb.”

8. Q- “What fashion trend do you hate?”
A- “Those really high boots goth people wear- hate those.”

9. Q- “What is a secret talent you have?”
A- “fast.”

10. Q- “If you were an animal, which one would you be?”
A- “An Eagle, because everything is scared of you.”