Comparing Cape Cod High Schools

Rebecca Brady, Staff Writer

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With high schools on Cape Cod, there are bound to be many differences throughout them. Between total student enrollment and school day start time, as you can see in the chart above; these four schools differ a large amount in numbers. With the option of school choice on Cape Cod, its important for students to know the different options throughout the Cape, to find a school that is more tailored to their needs.

By the numbers:

● Dennis Yarmouth RHS
-Square footage: 224,000 square ft
-Student enrollment total: 1029
-Start time vs end time: 8:15, 2:45
-Passing time: 5 minutes
-How was security improved?: parking passes, check the cars, three school resource officers, no more off campus lunches.

● Barnstable High School
-Square footage: 444,000 square ft
-Student enrollment total: ~2100 students (including eighth grade)
-Start time vs end time: 7:20, 1:55
-Passing time: 5 minutes
-How has security improved?: Lanyards, new visitor system

● Sturgis Charter Public School
-Square footage: West- 42,000 sqaure ft, East-
-Student enrollment total: ~720
-Start time vs end time: 8:20, 3:10
-Passing time: 5 minutes
-How was security improved?:

● Monomoy RHS
-Square footage: 168,000 square ft
-Student enrollment total: 625
-Start time vs end time: 8:45, 3:15
-Passing time: 5 minutes
-How was security improved?: cameras, campus officers, and all doors locked during the school day.