Library Booked For Construction

Emma Garrity, Staff Writer

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It’s hard to miss the library renovations that have been so indiscreetly obstructing the daily flow of student traffic throughout the early weeks of school. Some hallway restrictions have created detours, and for some classes, resulted in temporary relocations until renovations of are finalized.

Until completion, the library and the general vicinity surrounding it will remain under wraps. This begs students to question if any progress is being made and when they can expect the newly renovated library to finally be reopened.

Sharon Morgan, the librarian at Barnstable High School, shared that the original deadline for renovation completion was scheduled for October 1. However, due to setbacks during construction concerning structural steel and delayed air conditioners, the renovation deadline has been postponed to early November.

Despite the setbacks, students don’t seem to mind, and have even enjoy the outside detours.

“I’ve loved it [detours] because it’s given me a reason to use the Astro park every day,” said senior Julia Hoyt. “ It’s such a nice space, so it’s nice that we’ve actually gotten a chance to utilize it.”

“I’m aiming to have the library opened up sometime before or after Thanksgiving,” said Morgan.

The weeks between the predicted end of construction on November 3 and the actual opening of the library will be dedicated to furnishing and getting the different spaces set up and finalizing the interior updates.

The library resources will be made available in a different setup. “The difference is going to be that no technology will be out when you come in. Students can go to the desk and request to use a laptop. Ipads and Chromebooks will also be available,” explained Morgan.

Books will still be readily available for student use, however, given that technology has become a more predominate resource over traditional print, the library selection will be reduced and “there has been a cutback on three-fourths of the nonfiction collection.” The school website’s library department offers a collection of books on Overdrive as well, with provided instructions on how to download selected books.

The library renovations have been a continuing project these past few years at Barnstable High School. Morgan had already been working to update the facility by writing grants and painting.

The renovations for the library had been set as part of a Capital Improvement Plan that allocated $500,000 for the updates to the interior.
In the absence of a library and the temporary lack of access to certain resources it typically provides, helpful tools can be sought elsewhere. Morgan suggested making use of the school’s online databases. In terms of books, fiction is still available on Overdrive, which serves as online access to books and can be found on the school website.

“I’m excited about the whole thing,” said. Morgan. “I think it’s going to be beautiful.”

The renovations to the library are for the benefit of students and staff. With the new changes, students are encouraged to make the most out of their library.
“Building it was one thing, but the challenge is getting students to use it properly,” Morgan concluded.

The BHS Library renovation is well underway and is moving smoothly despite minor setbacks.