Is Homecoming Still As Popular?

Graciella Arrascue, Staff Writer

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Homecoming has been a high school tradition for many years. Some students describe the event as a right of passage. Although many students do look forward to Homecoming each year, many students have preconceived beliefs that keep them from attending.

Homecoming is much more complicated to plan than one might think. Planning for the dance starts in June of the previous year. The event is an outcome of multiple classes working together; the Freshman and Sophomores run the concession stand, Juniors are in charge of decorations, and the Seniors reserve the space, provide chaperones, book the DJ and provide the police detail, explained Senior class advisor Lyn Vazquez. “A lot of work goes into it so we hope students have a good time,” said Vazquez.

Vazquez said Homecoming has become more popular within the last few years. She reflects that last year was “very successful”, and received an even larger turnout this year. There was about 300 more students this year than last year in attendance.
Senior Colby Phillips has never attended Homecoming. He “doesn’t feel the need when he can go to Prom and have more fun,” said Phillips. Although he has never been, he has definitely heard about Homecoming. Phillips says he has heard that the dance is “a bunch of people in a crowded area in a really hot room”.

Phillips understands why people do go, he sees that students like the tradition of the football game and homecoming weekend. He says he would consider going if the dance was held in a larger space with more activities.

Well, this year the dance was held in a larger space. The field house hosted the dance this year. Also new this year was the celebration of all senior fall athletes during the dance. “It turned out exactly the way I wanted it,” said Vazquez, who was excited to see almost every senior athlete be honored.

Sophomore Eva Cotreau has attended Homecoming for the past two years. “Last year was better but it was fun,” said Cotreau. In eighth grade, she heard that Homecoming was “better than the eighth grade dance,” said Cotreau.

Cotreau says that Homecoming was really fun and that the “free food is a plus.” If she would change anything about the dance, Cotreau would want to turn off the lights. Cotreau feels that most of her classmates probably want to go to Homecoming.
Vazquez wanted this year’s Homecoming to be like a ‘mini pep rally’. As it is the first school event of the year, Vazquez wanted to see more school spirit and see the dance function as “a welcome back celebration,” said Vazquez.

“People think they don’t want to go and then they go,” said Vazquez. She also noted that the word spreads quickly and people are always excited to go and to spend time with their friends.