Promposal Contest 2018

Caroline and Aaron:
My name is Aaron Huynh, and I recently asked my girlfriend Caroline Martone to prom this year. She had told me in the beginning of the year that I really didn’t need to do anything big for prom, but being the cheesy corny dude I am, but I couldn’t just leave her senior year like that. I felt obligated to make her senior promposal one to remember.
Caroline will be attending Stonehill College next fall with a double major in Education and Spanish, two fields she’s more than just passionate about. I knew I had to come up with an idea involving an aspect from at least one of these.
Knowing she’s taking Child Development since freshman year and takes an Internship at Centerville Elementary School, as a teacher’s assistant for Mrs. Pfeiffer’s kindergarten class, it was obvious I had to get them involved, because who doesn’t love kids.
I had to endure her being asked to prom every Monday and Tuesday by our mutual friend, Allison Carter, during their lunch dates before internship, and I’m almost positive she’s been promposed to over 20 times… not including my own. Fortunately enough, Allison being weighed down by her guilt helped me out with my own promposal.
I drew up a banner for the kindergarten class to hold simply saying “Prom?” and had my own sign to hold up for the gal. My contact for Caroline for the longest time has been “Sweet Caroline” after the Neil Diamond song, she sails and I play lacrosse so my sign said: “Hey Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed so good when I’m with you. My only goal this season is to sail to prom together…” Allison had asked Mrs. Pfeiffer, the teacher Caroline is a TA for, to see if we could get the plan approved, and she was eager to help us out, telling a majority of the Centerville Elementary staff of our idea.
The timing worked out that I had a dentist appointment the same morning I planned to ask her to prom, so I went straight from the dentist to Centerville Elementary.
I was waiting for the good to go text from Allison to run from the parking lot across the street while Caroline took the kids out to recess. Unfortunately my own poster had broke while I was sprinting to the main entrance to avoid being seen by Caroline and her class, but we taped it up and it was all good.
The secretary greeted my, shoutout to Lisa Carlon at Centerville Elementary, and told me the plan.
They would send Caroline to get copies from the teachers room while we got the kids set up, what I didn’t know is that they made Caroline reset the printer and go through so many tasks just to keep her distracted while we got organized.
The kids had just returned from recess and I was waiting with their teacher while the banner and my own poster, apparently the plan wasn’t explained to them the week prior so they were caught completely off guard, but followed directions nonetheless. We asked them to line up and hold the banner and shout “Prom!” when Caroline walked in, but only two of them shouted and they decided to go with “Surprise!” instead.
It all worked out great and the kids were adorable, teachers left classrooms to videotape and take pictures, and I am now Caroline’s “Special Friend” in school.
Hopefully Allison’s bevy of promposal’s don’t overshadow my own single promposal, but I’m glad I could make her potentially last prom one to remember… so far.
Iris and Henri:
I wasn’t expecting to be asked to prom. But then one day in the lunchroom, my cousin Henry surprised me. He told me he was going to prom with Maddie Brennan. But he just said that as a cover up. His sign said “MICKEY NEEDS MINNIE & TIGGER NEEDS POOH AND NEED TO GO TO  PROM WITH YOU” He came into the lunch room when I was having lunch with a sign that said . I was so surprised, I had no idea.I absolutely said yes. I was so excited and can’t wait to go to prom with my cousin henry.

Jack and Emily:

After Emily Rice’s lax game I was waiting in M with the team with a sign that said “figured I’d shoot my shot and ask” with a ball that said prom on it that I threw to her.