Netflix: The New Addition

Lilly Mathieu, Staff Writer

Face illuminated, eyes glowing, lips twisted into an effervescent smile. All she can see is the blur of red and white. Is junior Perry Crovo standing among the crowd, watching the Barnstable High School Boys’ Hockey team hit the ice? Not quite. This Saturday night, Crovo is supporting a different team of red and white—Netflix.

The junior is Netflix’s #1 fan. Crovo believes that there isn’t anything better than watching the comedic shows she loves whenever she wants. It is not just an activity, it is a ritual. If you don’t know what to watch, maybe you should talk to an expert. Crovo’s favorite shows are “The Office” and “Parks and Rec.” Crovo is always looking for a new series, especially those that can give her a laugh or two.

Crovo is not alone in her Netflix craze, it is an epidemic inside and outside of Barnstable High School. Colleges are even aware of the effect it has on students. On Dec. 27, Tufts University went as far as sending out a subtle reminder to potential applicants that maybe it’s time to stop watching season two of Stranger Things and start working on their college essays. Among many, the email was received by senior Mikayla Mathieu. “Don’t freak out. January 1st may be approaching sooner than you expected, but you’ve still got time to put together a great college application (yes, even if you spent the last few weeks on a Netflix binge),” the email said. The message gave Mathieu some worry and regret as she remembered her “two-hour Grey’s Anatomy binge session” the night before.

As it appears, Netflix is directly associated with procrastination whether that means not doing your homework or simply refusing getting out of bed. Like many, Crovo attributes Netflix to be a big contributor to her daily homework delay, and has binged tv shows for “six hours” straight if not more. Although this may appear excessive, it’s quite common.  Junior Ivy Sullivan said, “I watched all nine seasons of The Office in seven days.” Then again, what’s the reason to not watch the Netflix for hours without end? Junior Aima Abidshah, said in reference to the drama series Grey’s Anatomy, “I wish my life was like that. Life is so boring, that’s why I watch it. To keep my life entertained.”

Entertaining, perhaps addicting, Netflix has taken the world by storm. It is a replacement for typical cable TV or, if your like Abidshah, something to spice up your uneventful day. Whatever your reason for watching Netflix, a common suggestion is to binge with caution. Yes, that history paper will still be there after you finish season three of Friday Night Lights.