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New Classes Next Year

Linnea Fawkes, Staff Writer

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It’s that exciting time of the year again, picking classes!

  Numerous new semesterised classes have finally been created for students. According to Mrs. Clark, students are now able to take a class they’ve always wanted to take, but couldn’t because of graduation requirements. 

BHS has created a new schedule that allows students to take seven classes. This long awaited process will now be a permanent change to our school and an impressive addition for new students.

New Science Classes

The science department has many new interesting full year and semester classes that are multilevel.  

If you’re interested in computer sciences, consider taking Robotics Engineering I (9-12), Engineering Design and Development II (11-12), Principles of Engineering (10-12), and Advanced Forensics (11-12). 

If you enjoy learning about the ocean and its’ animals, Marine Mammals (11-12) and Sharks (11-12), are fascinating classes to enroll in. 

New Wellness Classes

The wellness department added many half semesterised classes for students. If you wonder about what your life will be like after high school, consider 

  taking Living Well Beyond BHS (11-12). Sports & Well Being (9-10) will teach students life-long skills such as fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.        There are many more fitness and health classes for students to get your heart pumping. 


New English Classes 

If you are into novels that are thrill seeking and suspenseful, the English department is offering a Horror and Science Fiction class (12) for students interested in this genre. 

Public Speaking and Presentation (9-12) is a class that offers students the skills to become successful in their future jobs. 

To prepare for college and exams, the English department is also offering SAT Prep (10-12) and Writing for College (10-12). Many intriguing literature classes are also being offered, as well. 

New History Classes

In the history department, Marketing (9-12) and Entrepreneurship (9-12) are being offered to students to help with future careers opportunities. 

AP European History (11-12), America’s New Frontiers (11-12), African American History (11-12) and United States Government and Civics(11-12) are being offered as well to students to prepare them for our diverse global job market. 

New Art Classes

If you enjoy capturing pictures on your camera, the art department is offering Digital Photography (10-12) as a half semester course. 

If you are creative consider taking Creative Technology (8), Engineering Art (10-12), and Introduction to Digital Literacy and Computer Science (8-10). 


New Math Classes

The math department is offering many half year classes. 

These include, Puzzles and Paradoxes (10-12), SAT Prep (11-12), Foundational Math ( 8-12) and Mathematical Modeling for mathematical students ( 11-12).  

New Language Classes

Three new world language classes are being added for next year’s students. The Classical World (11-12), French V (12) and American Sign Language ll (10-12).


New Music Classes


        Interested in music? 

      History of Hip- Hop (9-12) will be offered next year in the music department.  You will listen and appreciate the music that has grown to become the most popular genre.

Freshman Gracie Davis had mixed feelings about new classes and an additional class.

“ It’s kind of confusing and I’m not really sure what’s going on”, said Davis. 

She was positive about the situation, though, by saying, 

“ I now have the opportunity to take classes I’ve always wanted to take”.  

Students will be able to plan their classes the week after February vacation. 

If you have any questions about new classes, speak to your guidance counselor, and they will be happy to give you more information to help you make the right decision. 



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New Classes Next Year