Library Plans Big Remodel

Lilly Mathieu, Staff Writer

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Over the years at BHS, librarian Sharon Morgan said she has considered the library to be “such a beautiful space”. In her efforts to improve the space as much as she could, Morgan wrote several grants to pay for furniture and other utilities. Now that there has been a new capital improvement plan, BHS has enough money to support a complete renovation.

At the end of this school year until September of 2019, the library will be transformed into an innovative space used for advanced forms of learning. Rooms that will incorporate virtual reality headsets have been added to the design as well as new study sections, said Morgan. A student-run “Genius Bar” will be included to provide technical assistance to students and faculty.  The “Genius Bar” will be run by “tech-savy” students that have the knowledge to help others use new technology for learning and teaching. Morgan has found that as technology is advancing around us, it is time for BHS to advance as well. It is time to move away from typical and oftentimes boring Prezi presentations and incorporate more engaging and interactive forms of teaching.

Morgan hopes that the renovation will allow students and faculty to access all the space in the library such as the Mezzanine level. The Mezzanine level is currently holding office spaces and conference rooms, but students will gain access to that level with the completion of the library. “The Mezzanine level will hold classrooms that teachers will be able to reserve,” said Morgan. For Morgan, it is an aspiration that the library will be able to “hold five to six classes at any given time.”

The new library will resemble that of a college library with several tables to study as well as a small cafe bar. After a long study session, the cafe bar will be selling granola bars, drinks, and other items to refuel students’ energy. This addition will be run by the students that manage the Coppee Shop.

Other necessary repairs are included in the design as well. The roof will he repaired or replaced as well as windows. The new windows will tint based on the amount of light present to reduce glare and can also be controlled by a remote. These windows are even considered to be “more energy efficient.” In addition, AC units and vinyl flooring will be implemented. The new flooring, as it is not rug, will allow students to eat in the library.

As for the books, the collection will be moved to the unused side of the Main Cafeteria during the interim period of the renovation. The books will still be in the new library despite the significant decline in students using the physical copies of books.

“Rather than PC’s, there will be iPad and Google Chrome Book carts,” said Morgan. Students will be signing out devices if they wish to use them.

Unfortunately, current juniors and seniors will no longer be attending BHS by the time the new library is open. However, as Morgan said, “that is just more of a reason to come visit.”