Homework Policy in Question

Joey Higginbotham, Staff Writer

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Each day of the school year, students get piles of homework thrown at them to complete for the next day, luckily, this system could be undergoing a change by the Spring. The School Council has met over recent times thinking if there was any way they could amend the current homework policy that is in place. A change would definitely help students in Barnstable as each day they get hours of homework to do, along with after school activities.

Member of the school council, Grace Lytle, says “We are looking at the existing homework policy to determine where it is at now and if it is clear enough.”

Barnstable High School junior Matthew McCauley says “On average I receive four hours of homework, but that does not include how some nights I have none while others I have eight or more hours of homework.”

The amount of homework given per night does vary, and it is a difficult statistic to measure. However, the average amount of homework students have to complete along with after school activities and jobs, gives them very little time to complete all of these each night. It’s also apparent that some of the homework given is “just busy work”, as McCauley pointed out.

Which he says is “unnecessary and a complete waste of free time.”

Then another issue concerning homework is sleep. With all of this homework every night which sometimes isn’t completed until very late at night, little time is left for students to sleep and relax before the next day of school. Causing added stress to an already hectic time period.

Lytle also points out that practicing skills learned in school is definitely important and helpful. But the question is how much is given and what’s the purpose.

Practicing skills learned in school is definitely important, but sometimes teachers just give busy work as McCauley said.

If a change is made to the current homework situation, it would give students more free time to try new clubs, sports and other after school activities that they normally don’t have. Also more time would be available for students to relax and get some much needed sleep. If a change is not made however, it is important that the school make a much clearer definition of the existing policy.