Margo’s Chic Corner

Margo Silliman, Staff Writer

In the hallway, there are always a few people who stand out, their fashion sense turning heads and setting a high bar for how to dress.

One trend-setter is freshman Chiara Marini, who arrived at her interview with two safety pins dangling from each ear and navy blue crushed velvet leggings. She’s a Fashion I student, already with an idea of what she wants for a career: she’s totally committed to fashion design.

Marini said she gets inspiration from her mom, who was a fashion magazine editor, and from what she sees around her, on social media and even in the BHS hallways. She talked about what stands out to her, “I like super different things, even if it’s kind of weird,” her safety pin earrings a prime example.

Right now, she’s embracing the 90s style and enjoying oversized, baggy trends. Boxy trench coats, flannels down to your knees; the comfy works. The crushed velvet is a throwback, too.

She said she’s looking forward to the return of turtlenecks this winter. “You can wear it with anything and it still looks kind of cool and different,” she said.

Sophomore Morgan Contrino added a chilled-out perspective to picking outfits for the winter. She throws her clothes together, rather than forming them through a painstaking amount of effort.

She claimed too much thought ruins the aesthetic, and with shorter days coming, it allows for more time to put into the things you probably should be doing instead of sitting on the floor of a closet, unsure which of the twenty sweaters littered next to you you should wear.

The other interesting part of her strategy is how she pieces things together. “I always base around one thing, like a specific pair of shoes or pants,” she explained. She lets the rest of her outfit fit around her base, building it outward from her starting point. [put in example when I take photo of her outfit]

This season, Contrino’s looking forward to the return of turtlenecks, like Marini, and, of course, layering, which always allows for interesting contrasts. She likes to change up her style, and switches from “urbanish” to “hippieish” depending on her mood.

She talked about a velvet jacket from the 60s which her aunt gave her. It’s her favorite piece of clothing—it means something, and it fits her “hippie” mood.

Junior Andrew Botolino values versatility and experimentation, so he prefers to change up his outfits. He explained how he gets inspired, “Dress how you feel. Don’t be beholden to one trend.”

His favorite piece is a classic flannel. He said it’s comfortable and adaptable which makes it an easy choice.

He contradicted Marini’s infatuation with baggy apparel, preferring fitted clothing instead.

Botolino is excited for sports this winter and the spirit days that come with basketball. He doesn’t want to go overboard, but he likes to think outside the box. He showed it at Homecoming, his outfit complete with suspenders and a bowtie.

He explained his inspiration as his surroundings, “Style and clothing can be an art form. It can be a way to express the environment around you, and your role in the environment around you.”