A Rising Star: Isaac Dunbar

Hanna Marchesseault, Staff Writer

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Think of your favorite musicians. Who they are, where they got their start, and what they stand for. Now, think about if you know this artist personally. More often than not, you don’t. You might go to their concerts and follow their every move religiously on social media, but seeing them in everyday life is a rarity. BHS, though, has its own little slice of celebrity.

Isaac Dunbar, freshman, is here to take Cape Cod and the music scene by storm.

After singing “Runaway” by Aurora in the school talent show last year, Dunbar became all anyone could talk about. Questions of who he was, and if people had seen him perform, flooded the halls. It seemed impossible that someone as young as eighth grade could possess this talent. But he did, and he wasn’t stopping there.

“I’ve always loved music. I basically came out of the womb singing,” said Dunbar. “I started making music at nine-years-old, finding inspiration in Lady Gaga and how she performs and produces her music.”

This wasn’t just singing in the shower or throwing random words together that rhymed, Dunbar was on a mission to make real music.

“When I was eleven I made my first song ‘Radiant.’ I thought I was so cool because of it.”

From there he started making more of his own music, and in seventh grade he released his first ever snippet of a song. Gaining some attention and realizing he maybe could make a future of this, he was able to move forward with confidence.

Flash forward two more years and now Dunbar has a popular SoundCloud account where he regularly uploads more of his own creations. This past year he even released a song on iTunes, titled “Home,” collaborating with former BHS student and rapper, Josh Higashi.

“Working with Josh was really cool. We’re polar opposites, but musically we just connected,” said Dunbar. “Collaborating with someone made it all feel really professional, and I think that was a great experience.”

When asked who he looks up to musically–besides Lady Gaga–he knew the answer right away.

“Billie Eilish,” he excitedly answered. “She’s only fifteen and was signed to Interscope Records. She’s an amazing artist and I realized if she’s as young as me and is making a name for herself, then I can do that, too.”

Dunbar’s dream at the moment would to be signed to that same label and get his career really started.

“I recently got an email from Jake Shears, a Sony talent scout, who told me he loved my music and wanted to hear a demo. I, of course, said I’d send one along, but I was going through a major writer’s block and had no good songs to send,” explained Dunbar.

He didn’t let that stop him. That same day he set his mind to the task and wrote and produced a song titled, “Pharmacy,” which he quickly sent along. Shears then wrote a review of the song, and Dunbar as an artist, and posted it on his blog.

“The song actually got me a lot of publicity, and management companies have recently been contacting me,” said Dunbar.

Since his future already seems so bright to the rest of us, the question of where he sees himself in the future couldn’t be passed up. He jokingly explained that he envisions himself living in a loft apartment, married to Billie Eilish (of course), an owner of a matte black Jeep and has released two albums under Interscope Records.

Dunbar never wants to release music solely for the fame and money, though.

“I know a lot of artists say that, but it’s really true in my case. Music helped me through so much in my life. Whether it was getting through doing the dishes or bullying, it was always there. I want to help people feel things.”

Music changed Dunbar as a person, as well. Reflecting back on who he was in middle school, he explains that he was scared to be himself.

“If you saw me in the halls back then, you’d see a boy wearing Nike Elites and basketball shorts. I was just trying to fit in,” said Dunbar.

Now, he’s trying to stand out.

Sporting a neon green sweatshirt and black joggers with the infamous “clout goggles” hanging from the waistband, Dunbar’s style is a reflection of who he is as a person.

“I want people to be confident in their passions and what they wear. God made me to be this way for a reason.”