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Joe Lennon Phillips, Staff Writer

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McDonald’s Tests Out McVegan Burger

FINLAND (NEW YORK POST) — McDonald’s is now testing out a soy vegan burger in Finland, and they’re also trying to change the way they are raising Chickens.

For some time, companies like McDonald’s have been using overgrown Chickens that often are so large they can’t stand on their own, and likely couldn’t live very long after growth. But with an industry titan like McDonald’s examining other options, the industry could surely have hope to change for the better.

The vegan burger they’re testing is entirely soy, and has a variety of condiment options available, though it isn’t clear yet whether or not they are thinking of bringing it to the U.S. anytime soon.


Cards Against Humanity Trumps Wall

(CNN) — The popular adult card game has been in the news recently for purchasing large quantities of land at the Mexican-American border in hopes to stop the process of Trump’s wall in its tracks.

No stranger to trolling the public, the company also tried to trademark President Trump’s slogan “fake news,” and have now called Trump a “preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans.” Who would have thought the “party game for horrible people” would try and save the free world?