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Sunday vs. Monday: Should the U.S. Conform to a Week that Starts on Monday?

Joey Higginbotham, Staff Writer

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Many people around the United States think Sunday is the last day of the week, the day we get one last day of relaxation before we dreadfully mope back to our responsibilities on Monday. However, Sunday actually marks the start of the week. The reason for this is because of religion. The Muslim, Judaic, and Christian religions all depict Sunday as the beginning of our calendar weeks. However, with the common term, “weekend”, you would think that means that Saturday and Sunday end the week for us.

Many countries around the world have their weeks start on Monday, probably because it’s what’s most practical. We can plan our responsibilities from the start of the business week to the end, leaving the last two days up for work-free plans. All of Europe, Australia, India and more have their weeks beginning on Monday, while America, most of South America, China, and a few more start on Sunday. If the majority of countries in the world start their weeks on Monday, it would be easier for the United States to as well.

Having the start of the week on Monday would allow us to better list plans in order. It starts at the beginning of the week when most of us are either at work or school. One can easily visualize the consecutive days in front of you and not worry about it being interrupted by the weekend days, and it is also much easier to plan out the weekend that way. Planning from Monday to Sunday would have a much more practical flow, with Saturday being followed directly by Sunday, instead of searching for the next row on the calendar to find the needed day. Having Monday start our week makes our lives much easier to organize and plan around, simplifying our already frantic schedules.

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Sunday vs. Monday: Should the U.S. Conform to a Week that Starts on Monday?