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Stand Out Star: The Varetimos Twins

Graciella Arrascue, Staff Writer

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Only five eighth graders have ever made the varsity girls soccer team at BHS, and this year there are 3; two of them are twins Alivia and Alexi Varetimos. The pair have been playing since they were five years old.“I never thought I would have made varsity, I thought I’d make JV until tryouts,” said Alivia Varetimos. But assistant Coach, Meghan Fligg, said, “as soon as we saw them play we knew that had the intelligence and strength to play at the varsity level.” Both girls start and play different positions. Team Captain Madison Brennan said she was excited to have eighth graders on the team this year, and that the girls stood out in tryouts. Fligg said the girls are technically strong and have advanced ‘first touch skills’. Fligg also said the girls are calm on the field, play at a mature level and have tactical awareness. Head coach Lee Docherty said that their motivation is, “an inner passion and drive to better themselves.”

As for the age gap, Alivia said, “[The older players]are all really nice; it’s not weird at all with kids four years older.”

On the way to games, players are seated with those who play in their same position, mixing up social interactions. The girls said that they were as close with their team as they are with each other. Off the field, the twins are kind and team oriented. They “seamlessly have transitioned into our soccer family,” said Fligg. The girls are goofy, spirited and fun to be around, said Brennan. Alexi confirmed that soccer is the girl’s favorite sport; so it is the single sport they play for the school. Most of their cousins also play soccer, she added.

Brennan said the twins bring excitement to the team, and that they are energetic on the field and work hard. Fligg also said the girls “uniquely bring very different strengths to the team”. Docherty said the pair, “have made a positive impact on the team. They work hard, are willing to learn, have a great attitude and are just quality to work with.”

Fligg said that the two absolutely have a chance at playing in college if they continue working. Brennan says that she can see them having important roles on a team and are already good leaders. Additionally, they have the potential to develop into great players said Docherty; he also believes that they will be successful in whatever they put their minds to.

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Stand Out Star: The Varetimos Twins