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Class Committees Speak For Students

Goal to Increase Involvement in Junior, Senior Activities

Maeve Bedenkop, Staff Writer

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Do you know the group representing your ideas; the people in charge of making fundraisers and dances happen for your class?

The 2019 and 2018 class committees are student run groups responsible for planning events for the junior and senior classes.

The Class committee of 2019, is overseen by teacher Lyn Vazquez and was recently started last May, by juniors Jack Ciluzzi and Trevor Blaze, who now serve as the committee’s co-chairman.  Ciluzzi explained that he and Blaze decided to form the committee after people felt excluded from last year’s class officer elections.  The purpose of the committee is to expand representation for the class of 2019 beyond just the four officers in the student government, and to represent the voices of as many students as possible.

“Instead of four [people] we just opened it up to 22,” Ciluzzi said.

Although the committee works separately from the student government, Ciluzzi and Blaze update the class officers on the committee’s ideas and decisions.

The 2019 committee also aims to get the junior class more involved with the community, as well as bringing the class together through activities inside and outside of school.

“One of our main missions is to unify the students in this class for community service,”  Vazquez said.  One of the projects the committee is most excited about, is pairing up with an elementary school to play with and be penpals with the students there.

“We really want to give back,” Vazquez said.  In pairing up with an elementary school, the committee hopes to benefit the community by having a positive influence on younger students.

At the end of September, the committee sent out their first newsletter to Juniors, to share their visions for the upcoming year.  The 2019 committee is focusing on fundraisers that will earn money for this year and senior year, including fun activities that will bring juniors together for a good time, such as a trivia and games night and a dine out night.  “I realy want to make sure these last two years mean something,” said Vazquez.

As of now the committee has about 20 members and they are looking for more.

Co-chairman Blaze and Ciluzzi  encourage students to, “come see Jack and Trevor if you want your voice heard.”

For seniors, the 2018 committee, advised by Ryan Friel and Sonya Lomax, and run by Presidents Jack Manoog and Aaron Hune, were elected last spring and meet on a monthly basis to plan fundraisers aimed towards raising money for the class of 2018.  Already they have held a carwash are planning a pasta dinner.  The money from these activities goes towards events such as the class breakfast, the class trip, and prom, and to help minimize the cost for participants.

Although the committee is made up of just four officers, all seniors are invited to share their ideas and help out with events.

The goal of the 2018 committee, is “to have a successful end of senior year and lots of events for seniors to participate in,” Friel said.

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Class Committees Speak For Students