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CON: Late to Class?

...but the bell never rang!

Joe Lennon-Phillips, Staff Writer

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The flood of changes that meet returning students and faculty at BHS has caused quite the stir. One change we can all get on board with? No bells.

Well, less bells. This year, instead of the usual unholy amount of bells ringing throughout the school day, there are are only three bells. What does that mean? Woohoo!

One needs look no further than the testing schedule of last year to see why the excess use of bells is gone for good reason. March and onward, testing adds large changes to the schedules for weeks at a time.

What hasn’t changed in the past? The annoyance of bells ringing throughout the school that have no correlation to the testing schedule. Not only is that confusing for students and faculty not partaking in testing, it is very distracting for test takers trying to concentrate.

The excess use of bells in general was quite annoying, as it doesn’t take very long at all for students to become used to the school schedule making the use of bells unnecessary and likely caused many headaches in the past.

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CON: Late to Class?