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Harrison Duchesney and Sadie Thomas:

“For at least 2 months Harry told me that there was no way we were going to prom, and I just left it alone and tried not to get too upset. One day I had spent the day with a friend (shoutout to Hanna Marchesseault) who had secretly been in on Harry’s plan, along with my mom who even took me dress shopping “just in case.” She randomly brought me to Craigville where Harry was waiting, all dressed up, and as soon as I saw him I knew what he was doing. Playing in the background was the theme song to How I Met Your Mother, which is what the whole promposal was based off of (it’s our favorite show). He had 10 cards, all listed as Steps with Step 1 being “Find the prettiest girl in the world” and Step 10 being “Hope she says yes”, and so much more in between. By this point I was hysterically crying, how could I not say yes! It is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me, from the sweetest boy I have ever known. It was something I’ll never forget!”














Jenna Cea-Curry and Lucas Lanzo:

“Lucas wrote a song for me and sang it on B2B. He then came to my homeroom with flowers and asked me to prom!”








Devon Harris and Halle Dennis:
“Devon texted my sister Jenna to have me go to Dowses’ without me knowing. When I arrived he was hiding under the dock towards the end. 
He popped out with a poster and fliers and asked me to prom on the beach!”


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