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Lax bros refuse to be stereotyped any longer

Mary Anglin, Staff Writer

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Standing outside the Leo Shields Memorial Field, a congregation of teenage boys held a mass of posters reading anything from “My midcalf Nikes don’t make me a piece of meat” to “#YesAllLaxBros because apparently my tendency to say ‘brah’ is more important than my ability to play.”

Lacrosse players everywhere are crying out for lax bro judgments to cease, and won’t rest until there is equal respect for all sports. Not everyone has made fun of the lax bro community, but #YesAllLaxBros have felt discrimination and the blatant disrespect from others, simply because they love of their sport. #YesAllLaxBros should be appreciated for more than their blow-dried flow and Californian accent that somehow still develops after a lifetime of living on Cape Cod. Many lax bros will find respectable college scholarships and will definitely bring their seven pairs of madras shorts on their collegiate lax journeys.

The non-stop judgment is clearly wearing on the team and their efforts to change the stereotypes have not gone unnoticed. To combat the hardships, #YesAllLaxBros have to face, many boys stood in front of the field last week dressed in head-to-toe Vineyard Vines in silent protest.

#YesAllLaxBros, we see your Valencia-filtered Instagram of your newly woven pocket and raise you a tweet about the ill summer lacrosse camp you’ll be visiting down south. But seeing the team not back down is something to respect.

If these peaceful protests bring one more fan to the stands, then these boys must be doing something right. It’s only a matter of time before the misconceptions come to a halt. (But trying out for the team will always require hair long enough for a man-bun for those seriously interested.) #YesAllLaxBros

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