Spice Up Your Schedule

New Classes Added to Course List

Emma Childs, Staff Writer

Scheduling season can be a stressful and hectic time for both students and staff. The important choices that need to be made and the wide range of classes offered here at BHS can make it difficult for students to narrow in on their  courses, and possible career paths.  But this year, guidance counselors were able to introduce new classes into the program of studies that will offer precise experience to interested students.

New science classes that are available next year are robotics for eighth grade, introduction to engineering, forensics and biotech, and pathology and biotech. Susan West, the head of the science department, helped make these new classes a possibility.

“All of these courses are being added to help increase students’ exposure to the science technology and engineering field.  Job growth in these areas is growing exponentially and these new courses will provide students with access to STEM content and hands-on experiences to test out these growing areas.”

 With funding from a grant, new materials were purchased and teachers were given support in the set up of the biotech classes. “Most schools around the Cape have courses in engineering and/or robotics and I believe Barnstable students need to have equal opportunities in these fields,” West said.

Kirsten Gardiner, a junior, who signed up for forensics and biotech for next year, is looking into science and eager for this new class to start. “I’ve been interested in forensics ever since I began watching the show CSI and it’s one of the career fields that I’m looking into,” Gardiner said. “ I thought I would take it to see if it would be something I could do the rest of my life.”

As well as science classes, more specific wellness courses have been added to the program of studies. These new classes are wellness one, wellness two, beginning fitness, and intermediate strength training and fitness. Maria Pierozzi, head of the Health and Personal Development Department, was behind these varying classes and is excited to see them come together.

“When the change in schedule didn’t move forward there were a few courses we decided as a department that were a definite need to increase the selection for students. The seven course schedule didn’t pan out and in the hopes that it eventually will, we thought we would start with minor changes,” Pierozzi said.

These new health and physical education classes focus on catering to the comfortability level of students and having a wider range of interests for all students.

“These classes were designed so that students don’t have to build up to a certain class and these classes  can meet students at their fitness levels, and then improve from there,” Pierozzi said.

She added that these new classes will be a great way for students to feel content at their level of activity. “I think these new offerings open doors to students at every level of fitness so they can learn how to improve their overall health, at their own pace, and in a safe environment.”

Karen Gauthier, a guidance counselor for House E, is eager for these new classes to begin. “My understanding is that these new classes were offered to give students more options in specific areas and interests that are also connected to certain career pathways,” Gauthier said. She added that these new classes will help students narrow down  possible career options and aid them in finding their strengths in certain subjects.

“I think these classes are so exciting and the response from students has been extremely positive,” Gauthier said.

New Classes 2014-2015

Science Classes:

  • Eighth Grade Robotics
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Forensics and Biotech
  • Pathology and Biotech

Health Classes:

  • Intermediate Strength Training and Fitness
  • Wellness One
  • Wellness Two
  • Beginning Fitness