Is Halloween Overrated?

October 11, 2022

Halloween is Overrated


Photo by Molly Croteau

Young Croteau and siblings on Halloween

It’s a bitter and cold night and you are wearing the costume you spent too much stress and money on and that is definitely not warm enough. Shivers run down your spine  as you hear a bunch of crying children who have had way too much sugar. These are a couple of examples of why Halloween is one of the worst holidays in existence!

The lead-up to it is fun and all with the scary movies, jack-o-lanterns, and decorations, but the actual night of Halloween is over hyped. All it is is a cash grab trying to get families to spend too much money on some cheap costumes that will be worn once and thrown away.

Also, the stress that goes along with Halloween is the worst part of it. You have to figure out a costume that is cute enough, scary enough, and  trendy enough to be absolutely perfect yet you will always be able to find a part of it you don’t like. You have to make plans about who you are going to go trick or treating with and where the best neighborhood is to get the best candy. You have to buy candy to get more candy which only benefits the companies that are producing it. And it is always so cold on Halloween and no costume is ever warm enough to be walking around outside late at night on the last day of October in Massachusetts.

I’m all for the fall season with the pumpkins, apple picking, and scary movies but Halloween itself is not necessary. The costumes aren’t even that fun either, they are the same thing every year. I swear in 2017 I saw 50 Harley Quinn’s and I have seen a million black cats for as long as I can remember. I also feel so judged on Halloween; my costumes are not good enough or I’m too old to be trick-or-treating. Something about Halloween makes me feel like people are staring at me. And the awkward moment when older people ask you what you are and you answer, but they look back at you in bewilderment even though your costume is relatively popular.

In my opinion, Halloween is extremely overrated and not worth the hype at all. It is all about companies making money and families spending an insane amount of money on stuff for a singular night. How do you feel about Halloween?

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Halloween Is Not Overrated

Young Sylvester enjoying Halloween.

Photo by Cora Sylvester

Young Sylvester enjoying Halloween.

It is officially fall.  The leaves are changing colors, football games are back, there is a crisp in the air and one of the most controversial holidays is coming up, Halloween! The holiday has many exciting features. One of the best aspects is the social part of it. Halloween creates a ripple effect for other social activities besides itself. For example, haunted houses, costume contests, and other local events.

My personal favorite Halloween-related event is the Halloween Skate hosted by Cape Cod Figure Skating Club at HYCC. They have games upstairs, on the ice, and a costume contest. Halloween isn’t just about the holiday itself but it’s about being with friends and family and having fun.

Additionally, Halloween contributes to forms of self and artistic expression, which is my favorite part. There are endless amounts of costumes that people can use to express themselves. I love that costumes can range from buying one at the store, making a quick one yourself, or even creating a piece of art. Halloween is an opportunity to explore makeup, hair, fashion, etc. There are endless possibilities and it’s always fun to see what people can come up with. A few of my favorite costumes are vampires, zombies, or anything that includes makeup. It’s a fun way to add to your costume and make it more realistic.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite memories from my childhood. Every year my family hosts a big party and the whole neighborhood comes together. We have food, games, and go trick or treating. At the end of the night we trade candy and there’s always a way to have some fun.

The best aspect is that Halloween is a holiday that anyone of any age can enjoy. Anyone can stay out late, trick or treat, go to a themed party, and make the most of the day. Specifically for kids, it’s a great experience for them to gain independence, while also consuming crazy amounts of candy.

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