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Olivia Brodt Tribute Game 9/8/17

Molly McNulty

September 14, 2017

Stand Out Athlete: Morgan Dardia

Grace Kilroy, Staff Writer

March 1, 2017

Nine years ago, eighth grader Morgan Dardia picked up a snowboard and hasn’t put it down since. Growing up, Dardia and her family frequented the mountains, always involved in winter sports and activities. When Dardia turned...

We’re All Clippers Today

Emma Needham, Staff Writer

March 1, 2017

Rivals. That’s the first word that comes to mind when you think about Barnstable and Falmouth; but in the past couple of weeks, that word has morphed into something entirely new -- Friends. By now, you’ve probably heard wh...

Jake Potts VS Hip Hop

Jacob Potts, OpEd Editor, Staff Writer

December 22, 2016

Picture a class at the Beth Walsh Dance Center: a bunch of toned goddesses moving across the dance floor like professionals, every movement precise and perfectly coordinated. Then picture me: a nerd who hasn’t worked out si...

Playing For A Cause

Mackenzie Connor, Staff Writer

December 22, 2016

Being involved in such a tightly-connected community like Barnstable, residents know each other fairly well, and when something unfortunate transpires we tend to come together to support and help each other. This mutual cooper...

NCAA Eligability

Jamie Fitzgerald, News Editor, Staff Writer

December 21, 2016

The term “student-athlete” is something that is said proudly around the halls of Barnstable High School. And if you open the program of studies, you will see hundreds of classes that vary from engineering to cartooning, b...

Stigma Around High School Sports

Jack Anderson, Staff Writer

December 8, 2016

In today's society, stigmas are present in many areas such as the workplace, school, at home, and most certainly in sports. The main stigmas in sports in high school are race, gender, weight, culture, age, talent, etc. High sch...

Girl Power

Girl Power

Emily Penn, Staff Writer

June 3, 2015

Versus: A Walk On The Wild Side

Versus: A Walk On The Wild Side

Emma Childs, Staff Writer

May 22, 2015

Stand Out Star: Bisazza Is All Business

Lauren Persson, Staff Writer

May 22, 2015

Senior Sonny Bisazza has worked his way up to the top on Barnstable High School’s Boys Tennis Team. Earning his top-ranked singles spot last year required much time and effort. Tennis is not just a game of physical strength, it’s men...

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