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Surviving monotonous March

By Nathalia Teixeira, Staff Writer

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The end of winter and the start of spring is usually time for celebration, but when you think about the month of March,  it’s safe to say that it is a bland 31 days, excluding St. Patrick’s Day and the occasional birthday.

With no vacations, one day off for Good Friday on the 25th, and just one half-day to look forward to this March, it can definitely be the long-haul of school days.

“Days off give us a nice break to the excessive work we have to do during this month because it’s the month between two vacation weeks and some teachers cram exams, mock tests, and preparation for AP testing,” said junior Jenna Dennis.

It’s evident that March isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite time of the year because of the harsh workload and feelings of boredom during these four weeks.

When asked for immediate thoughts about March, junior Rachel Madore said, “I think of spring and uneventfulness. I don’t have much of a feeling for March–it’s just kind of there.”

As the weather becomes warmer and the days become longer, the excitement for spring  grows, but the first day of spring this year falls on Sunday, March 20; that’s 20 days into the longest month. It’s such a wait. With “Spring Fever,” though, people may experience changes in mood and a sudden urge to put on those short-sleeved shirts or rolled up jeans that haven’t seen daylight in months.

Scientifically, there may be logic behind this phenomenon. According to the Huffington Post, a 2008 study found that there is a greater level of serotonin transporters in the brain during fall and winter than in spring and summer. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps relay signals from one area of the brain to other. Often associated with mood, its imbalance can lead to depression, and the increase of serotonin transporters during fall and winter can create that imbalance. So by March, when fall and winter have seemingly dragged on for months, there is a logical reason why we so badly need spring.

  As the school days go by, this phenomenon of excitement for “Spring Fever” isn’t the only thing to look forward to in March. The anticipation for vacations and summer increases. “One more month until April vacation, then just a few months after that, we’ll be out of school for summer. I tell myself, if I get through until April vacation, I’ll be fine,” said junior Halle Dennis.

Getting involved in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s and Barnstable High School’s own March Madness can help break up the month. Both students and teachers can participate in the the events at BHS and many consider the week to be a highlight of the school’s social scene. March Madness, hosted by the Class Advisors and Student Council, will run during the week of March 14. Different events are put on by different classes every day and there are dress-up days as well. From the beloved tradition of dodgeball, hosted by the senior class,  to the 3 on 3 basketball tournament, hosted by the junior class, there’s something the entire student body can look forward to.

“BHS March Madness creates a sense of pride at our high school. After Spirit Week the ‘school spirit’ rubs off, and it’s fun to have that back,” Madore said.

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